Sugar is Addictive

Sugar Addictive blog

There are arguments on both sides of the spectrum on this subject, but the facts prove that when sugar (and processed grains which are recognized as sugar by the body) is
consumed, a release of dopamine is released into the bloodstream. This causes a feeling of reward and pleasure. The same hormone is released when alcohol, nicotine, cocaine and opioids are recognized in the blood stream. Coupled with that is the addiction withdrawal symptoms you feel if you abstain from added sugar suddenly after a regular consumption of it.

It’s hard to argue that sugar is addictive. It’s also toxic (subject of a future blog).  The good news is that you can break this unhealthy habit. The American Heart Association recommends a maximum amount of added sugar as follows:

MEN—36 grams/day=9 teaspoons
WOMEN—20 grams/day=5 teaspoons
CHILDREN—12 grams/day=3 teaspoons

Read package labels and you will be alarmed at the incredible amount of sugar we have been consuming and feeding our kids. This is not to say that we can never have a piece of birthday cake again! Just limit such things as a rare treat so they will be appreciated as such. Breaking a sugar addiction can be a life altering event. You’ll feel the difference from head to toe, inside and out. You’ll also save yourself a fortune in misery and health care bills … standing proud and happy knowing that you have control over your body and life.

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