The Paleo Diet is based on the diet that our primal ancestors lived on before grains were harvested and there was a McDonald’s on every corner. The health benefits of eating like Cavemen did 10,000 years ago have proven to be life changing in a positive way. The Paleo Way of eating is 100% organic with zero processed foods. This means you’re not putting toxic ingredients like preservatives, or any other artificial poisons in to your body – only clean, whole foods that our bodies were designed to run on efficiently. The Paleo Way of eating is filling because it’s rich with all natural nutrient filled proteins, vegetables and fruits. Think of Paleo foods as high octane fuel for your new “Racecar” body – with protiens containing healthy omega-3 fats and wholesome vegetables and fruits. The Paleo Way of eating is what your body is craving to live strong and long!