4 Years Later!

It’s hard to believe 4 years have passed since the launch of my website. I continue to use Paleo as my base lifestyle, but I’ve added some properties of the Keto “diet” and that mainly means an addition of dairy. I try to find products made from grass fed cow milk as much as possible. I stick to the lifestyle about 75% of the time so I’m not as lean as I was 4 years ago.

The other 25% I add carbs and wine. Not Paleo (even though I drink Fit Vine when I can find it). I’ve also acquired an affinity for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. This accounts for the added fluffiness around my middle which I’m not happy about and I know it’s a consequence of my choices. I continue to emphasize protein in my meals and snacks, even when i go off Paleo. I try to consume 80-120 mg/day. This is to preserve my existing muscles and to fuel them when I work out and run.

I’ll write a future blog on what I do to workout.

It’s become so much easier to stick to a Keto/Pateo (Ketaleo from now on) with the continual addition of products like bake mixes and snacks, that support it. I’ll do a blog on some of my favorites soon. Now about Ian’s recipe for Zucchini Lasagna. He’s making it again today (lucky me!!) so he can write down the measurements more accurately. It is Kelaleo in that it has dairy in it. I’ll post it soon. I’ll put some pictures on the facebook page of the process.

Thanks for looking in!

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